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SOA Governance: The Key to a Successful SOA Adoption and Management

SOA Governance
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) coupled with Enterprise Architecture frameworks provided the much needed discipline in the IT lifecycle. Now that SOA has become mainstream, the focus has shifted from learning SOA to managing SOA adoption and growth within an Enterprise. SOA Governance provides an effective control framework along the people, process and technology dimensions to successfully adopt SOA within an Enterprise.

A typical SOA lifecycle has the following phases:
• Service Development
• Service Discovery
• Service Deployment
• Service Execution

During each of the phases SOA governance best practices are critical in successfully managing the SOA processes and infrastructure.
  • Service Development: The developer community needs to adopt the contract first development methodology while developing a service. This ensures that the right metadata is identified. The metadata includes service descriptions, taxonomies, XML Schemas and other service metadata artifacts.
  • Service Discovery: It is very important to locate a service for reuse rather than building from scratch. The service repository helps you locate the service. Service discovery also enables in creating a composite service b y discovering and combining 2 or more services.
  • Service Deployment:The service descriptions created during the service development stage should be published to the service repository. The promise of SOA is achieved thru the reuse and effective governance review and processes ensure that the development teams publish the descriptions before deploying the service.
  • Service Execution: To achieve location transparency the right service endpoint and interface information needs to be accessed. This is achieved through the use of service registry. Also to monitor the service usage effectively it is important to capture the right service metrics.
There are products today available in the market to help accelerating service registry and repository. The leading products today are IBM Websphere registry and repository (WSRR), Oracle Service repository, SOA Software and Systinet.
Other than the process and technology aspects having the right people organization (roles and responsibilities) is critical to successful SOA governance. Without an executive sponsorship and the ability (and willingness) of various teams to come together and define a joint strategy/roadmap/architecture are the foundations to effectively adopt SOA.